Mr.Salem Massalha

Mr.Salem Massalha

Salem is passionate about the creation of new models to resolve urgent developmental problems.

He has long-standing experience in the field of development, where he has collaborated with many stakeholders, Including Ministries, International Organizations, Foundations, local NGOs as well as the private sector.

He co-founded the social start-up Bassita, which created and successfully scaled up two innovations: Click funding and Very Nile.

Alongside his passion for development, Salem is a social media “geek”, specialized in marketing impactful causes.He understands his generation’s need for Innovative content and new ideas.He volunteered in TEDx Cairo in the marketing/communication team and has been featured in TEDx Falaki Street, where he gave a talk on the environmental initiative Very Nile.

Salem co-created some of the most successful social media campaigns in Egypt, He understands how to transform development problems into compelling story-telling narratives.Salem is passionate about the arts and cinema, which gives him an edge in aesthetic content creation.

Salem’s achievements led to his receiving numerous awards – the latest being Best Social Entrepreneur of the year, from Egypt’s Entrepreneur Award (Summer 2021).

In the summer of 2021, he decided to stop working on Bassita (while remaining partner), placing his faith in a well-established team, in order to shift his career to working as a Consultant  and climate change fin tech company  that would work on the DE carbonization of the atmosphere.