Prof.Moustafa Samir Moussa

Prof.Moustafa Samir Moussa

Prof.Moustafa Samir Moussa is an associated professor, Director of the Valley of Science &  Technology (VST) and Director of Sustainable Development Center at Zewail city of Science & Technology (Egypt).

He is an environmental expert and his specialization is domestic and  industrial wastewater, solid waste  management, environmental projects planning and capacity building.

He has been also  involved in many projects (Feasibility studies,  capacity building and R&D) on water and  wastewater management in Egypt and the  Mediterranean area (IWSPI, IWSPII, ISSIP, ESRISS, WWDSS, H2020). 

He obtained his MSc and PhD degrees in Nitrification in saline industrial  wastewater at the International Institute for water education (UNESCO-IHE)  and technical university (TU) in Delft, the Netherlands.

This was a joint  project of UNESCO-IHE, TU Delft, Shell Global, Ecco Tannery Holland,  Heiploeg and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. 

He is currently teaching wastewater treatment, solid waste management,  hazardous waste management, green economy, and other engineering  courses.

His current research interests cover wastewater treatment, Innovative sustainable solution for Urban-Rural area, and Innovative  sustainable solutions for Industrial sector: (Pollution Prevention, Resource  Recovery and Industrial Ecology).