Art Speakers



Menna Okail, acting instructor at HU. Menna is interested mainly in facilitating improvisational experiences for actors and non-actors that helps them in self-discovery and making new connections.


Nashwa Ahmed, Movement instructor at Heliopolis University. Born in Sharkia, Egypt, in 1984. Received the degree of BA in physical education 2005. Joined Sekem School in 2005. Beginning of Eurythmy study 2005 with a diploma in 2011 and teaching Eurythmy in Sekem School. Since 2014 Movement instructor at Heliopolis University. Participating in various Eurythmy performances such as Faust from J.W. v Goethe, the fairy tale “The green snake and the lily” by Goethe, the “Magic Flute” and many other artistic productions of Arabic poetry and oriental music. Received MA in educational Eurythmy and social art at Alanus University in 2020.



Karim Kashif SIF, Actor, director and acting coach.

Rely mainly on improvisation and imagination.





Tamer El-Gazzar,Drama teacher at Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development..Postgraduate studies in acting, directing, sound engineering and psychodrama.. Holds an academic master’s degree in curricula and teaching methods, honors and director.


Eslam El Tony , Music instructor at HU , he is a music composer and violin player in ensemble and also as a soloist.




Hamada Shusha, actor, since 2012 instructor for acting and poetry in the core program at HU. 

Specialist in improvisation, storytelling and short stories.


Fine Artists Team Core Program HU, We are the Fine Arts team at Heliopolis University supporting students to unfold their potential through arts.

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